I'm Aksha Srivastava, a data scientist, developer, and an AI enthusiast.

You can reach out to me at akshanarayan@gmail.com, download my resume here, or just scroll down to know more!


Answering the "Who Are You?" question without being existential

I am a Machine Learning Engineer, working at Safran Aerospace, one of the coolest aerospace companies in the world. After finishing my Bachelor's in Computer Science and Engineering, I briefly worked at Amazon in a Data Engineering team, and have since spent my life in the tech industry getting introduced to extremely interesting & impressive tech, projects and people.

This website aims to document part of this journey.

Apart from artificial intelligence I'm also interested in tech ethics, behavioural economics, anime, and a bunch of cool things coming up in the world like genetic engineering, software development, and the impact they have on our behaviour, psyche and security.

Other things I like doing are reading, swimming, baking my cake and eating it too.

Thoughts and Opinions

Welcome discussions and debates.

SES Interview

My interview with Safran which covers the capabilities and possibilities of AI in aerospace.

Introducing AI in Enterprise- A Data Scientist's Perspective

A comprehensive list which details pitfalls you can fall into while introducing AI (or any new technology) in your organization and how to avoid them.

Thoughts - AI for Social Good

--- in progress! ---


Product of my past, but not limited to it!

Amazon Experience 2017

My time in Amazon India was spent in one of their Data Engineering teams in the Kindle org, we gained a lot of insight into the kind of content people consumed, dynamic pricing and discounts in different marketplaces and handled migration of databases.

I also developed a Database Management tool to help the data engineers replicate queries across various data clusters.

Improving Optical Character Recognition Techniques (Research Paper) 2017

Implemented various pre-processing algorithms to increase efficiency of the image recognition algorithm of Tesseract and passed it through post-processing algorithms to check for errors before feeding it to a TTS engine.

NextTech Lab 2016

One of the best AI experiences I've had, I was a part of McCarthy lab which had a lot of other AI fans. We explored making an open domain generative chatbot.

Neuro Career Predictor 2015

A model that predicts which career path you should take up based on your personality and behavioural traits.